Full-Bespoke Tailoring

Andersonn Bespoke offers a Full-Machine and Full-Hand Bespoke option to meet the needs of the emerging enthusiast to the experienced connoisseur. It’s our full bespoke tailoring service!

Full-Machine Bespoke

  • Our most popular option for the working suit – this option allows for a full wardrobe without the price tag
  • Patterns cut from the bench by hand using same pattern methodology as our Full-Hand Bespoke
  • Our Full-Machine option inherits the Full-Hand pattern principles with the work of specialized machines
  • Constructed with full length horsehair canvas (no fusing) and hand-stitched milanese buttonholes and finished by specialized craftsman without compromise
  • Delivery time can be as short as 2 weeks, standard is 4 weeks.

Full-Hand Bespoke

  • This is the pinnacle of the A|B experience producing a garment crafted entirely by hand – completely cut from the bench free of any machine assistance
  • Once your cloth is cut, your unique pattern is sewn together using cotton – this process is called basting – this allows for a fitting to perfect and make adjustments before cutting your fabric
  • This service takes several weeks and over 50 hours of handwork – pattern drafting generally requires 2 weeks with another 4 weeks allotted after the basted fitting to finish your Full-Hand Bespoke garment.

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