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Q. What is the Andersonn Bespoke elevator pitch?

A. Andersonn Bespoke is a Custom Tailoring Boutique designed for the busy professional who is serious about his image.

Q. What makes Andersonn Bespoke different?

A. Andersonn Bespoke is mobile, catering to clients that prefer or require a tailoring service that will meet where convenient including home or office!

Q. Being mobile, is Andersonn Bespoke limited in cloth selection?

A. Not at all, Andersonn Bespoke provides fabrics from top European mills some of which have been producing cloth since the 1700s. The selection includes a wide array suitable for each season, special occasions including business wear, formal wear, and fabrics for traveling professionals. Andersonn Bespoke provides cloth from Scabal, Holland & Sherry, Vitale Barberis Canonico, Cerruti, Loro Piana, Zignone, Reda 1865, Dormeuil and Caccioppoli. 

Q. What drives Andersonn Bespoke?

A. Thoroughly satisfied clients and a passion for seeing each client reflect personal excellence through the right wardrobe choices. The impact attire can have on an individual’s vocation can be significant whether it’s a presenter at a conference wearing an ill-fitting suit or an executive conveying a strong sense of confidence, detail, and creativity by the way they curate an outfit carefully.

Q. How significant is attention to detail?

A. Details are critically important. I like to say “the difference is always in the details.” Most times it’s the things that seem small or insignificant that have the most significant impact on attire. For example, you can wear a great suit with a shirt having a poorly constructed collar and immediately it makes the outfit look bad. Conversely, an average suit with a well-constructed dress shirt can make the entire ensemble look great! Items like collar/lapel style, type of chest pocket and button placement matter and create a world of difference. Your garment should not only fit well but should have each component in its proper place for it to look great.

Q.  What else is vital to Andersonn Bespoke when dealing with clients?

A. Service, service, service! It is of primary importance to do whatever it takes to ensure that every client is happy with their garment and equally satisfied with the overall experience. The passion for the business is the catalyst to deliver exceptional service. Andersonn Bespoke thrives on providing an experience that keeps each client confident, educated and informed.

Q. What defines a bespoke suit?

A. An age-old tradition where a draft of your unique pattern including each body and posture nuance is made entirely from scratch. This drawn pattern is the flat lay design ready to be traced onto the cloth. Traditional bespoke garments were all handcrafted but over time and with advancements in technology Andersonn Bespoke offers two garment construction options in addition to full handmade namely machine-made and half-hand half-machine. These additional options allow for cost savings and faster turnaround.

Q. Describe in brief the process?

A. The process begins with an initial fitting/consultation where we take over three dozen measurements, select fabric and create a style profile. When making a full hand-made suit, a basted fitting is conducted with a final fitting once the garment is hand-delivered. The entire process takes 4-6 weeks to complete.

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